The Democrats Lost Tuesday Night, so Naturally They Want to Overplay Their Hand

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Earlier this week, I wrote about how predictable the Democrats are in one thing: if they won, they would overplay their hand and view the elections as further confirmation of their self-appointed mandate from last year’s elections.

Well, guess what? Now that voters have rejected so much of their wild-eyed radical schemes, the Democrats want to overplay their losing hand.

We’ve started to see this with the left’s reaction to the results of the election. They view their losses not as voters disagreeing over policy but rather as a reflection of that old chestnut known as racism.

They’re so arrogant that they don’t believe voters would reject them on the substance of their arguments or policies — no, if you don’t blindly vote blue every time, you’re simply a bigot.

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Another thing that Democrats aren’t doing in the wake of their drubbing is reevaluating their policy. Instead, they see Tuesday night’s losses as a need to accelerate pushing their agenda forward. It’s like they’ve all gotten together to say, “They don’t want this. Hurry, we don’t have much time before they vote all of us out!”

Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe went on MSNBC to encourage Democrats to “go on the offense” regarding the teaching of critical race theory in schools — even though liberal educators deny that they’re teaching it. He stated that conservative parents are afraid for their kids to hear about the less savory aspects of American history.

Fox News reports:

Progressives have repeatedly claimed that Virginia schools never taught the curriculum, despite the state Department of Education website listing the phrase multiple times. Plouffe argued that McAuliffe and other Democrats should use a different strategy and “go on the offense” and defend critical race teachings.

“Critical race theory was a lie, and I think we have to go on the offense. Terry McAuliffe tried to do this, say it’s a lie, they know it’s a lie. But are you scared for your kids to learn about slavery or lynching or housing discrimination? Are we raising kids to be that weak?” Plouffe said.

The more progressive members of Congress blame the establishment wing of the Democrat party for Tuesday’s losses.

The Daily Mail reports:

A statement by the Battle Barn Collective – far-left coalition of groups including the Battle Born Collective, Justice Democrats and the Sunrise movement – called the Virginia results a ‘shellacking’ that should be a ‘wake up call’ for the party and called McAuliffe’s campaign ‘milquetoast’.

‘Terry McAuliffe ran the milquetoast campaign he wanted to run — where every other word he uttered was ‘Donald Trump’ instead of focusing on the issues voters cared about the most,’ they said in a statement.  What happened in Virginia is what happens when Democrats fail to take on the GOP’s divide-and-conquer racism and motivate people to turn out.

‘The McAuliffe campaign had no comprehensive pro-worker economic message against a literal private equity magnate. It had no positive message on what the next four years would be like for Virginians. It had no rebuttal to Republican race-baiting bull****. Put simply: it was a campaign designed to fail.

Interestingly enough, key swing-vote Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) reminded his fellow party members that the election put them on notice to pay more attention to the concerns of their constituents.

But they won’t. Instead, the Democrats are already trying to accelerate the passage of radical legislation.

‘The Build Back Better bill as crafted in the Senate and House is going to meet the needs of working families, reduce their costs and combat inflation in a positive way,’ Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), a Biden ally, told MSNBC.

‘I’d urge them to step forward and vote for it, because then we’d have something real to run on.’

House Majority Whip James C. Clyburn to Punchbowl [sic], a Biden ally who serves as the chief vote counter in the House, told Punchbowl: ‘Well, it just reinforces the fact that we need to get these things done,’ when asked about Tuesday’s results.

Today’s Democrats are so smug in their insistence that they’re on the “right side of history” (I cringed as much writing that phrase as you do reading it), they believe wholeheartedly that the American people want what they’re selling.

They want to pass BBB so they’ll have “something to run on,” blind to the fact that voters will likely reject it.

Here at PJ Media, Gwendolyn Sims gave some real talk to the Democrats when she wrote, “The truth is you lost many seats on Tuesday but more than that, your leftist ideas lost. Your ideas are extreme, divisive, tired, and failed.”

Go ahead, Democrats. Overplay your hand and see what happens. If you keep this up, Tuesday night will be the beginning of a red wave, and then you’ll be out of cards and won’t even have a hand to play.


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