Creepy Democrat Organization 'Vote America' Plans to Come Around After the Election to Check on Your Vote

Kelly Lacefield

We got an interesting — well, creepy — item in the mail today. Addressed to us at home, by name:

Creepy Democrat
Photo of creepy vote card.


Who you vote for is private, but whether you vote is a matter of public record.

When we follow up after the election, we hope to see that you cast your ballot this election.

So, let’s look into this group America Votes. Here’s the home page:

Creepy Democrat
Screenshot of America Votes website.

“The coordination hub of the PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY.” If we look at the “About” page, we find

Creepy Democrat
Screenshot of the “About” page on America Votes.

AMERICA VOTES IS THE COORDINATION HUB OF THE PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY, working with over 400 state and national partner organizations to advance progressive policies, win elections, and protect every American’s right to vote.

Go over to “Our Partners” and we find a whole list of the usual suspects: ACRONYM, AFL-CIO, American Federation of Teachers, BlackPAC, Brady Campaign, Climate Reality Action Fund, … Democratic Governors Association,, … NDRC, NEA, SEIU, … and on and on.

So let’s review the bidding again: a coalition of “progressive” and Democrat organizations are sending out postcards that say, basically, “we know where you live, we know if you voted, and we plan to check up on you after the election.”

I don’t know about you all, but I think that’s just a little creepy.

Especially given statements like this one by Robert Reich:

And, of course, DNC spokesperson and MSNBC host Chris Hayes:

The BizPacReview did the work I couldn’t bear to do (and besides, Reich blocked me some years ago when I called him a “malignant gnome”) and collected some of the replies:


and …

There are more, but I think that’s enough to get the general Zeitgeist. The Left is seriously talking about re-educating those people who dared to work for, or even vote for, Trump — while sending out emails saying they’re going to come around after the election to check if you voted.

I’m sure it’s all completely innocent.

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