Jill Biden Costs Taxpayers $345K to Fly to Hunter’s Trial

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Oh, the places you’ll go when you’re married to Joe! The Biden administration often seems to make less sense than a Dr. Seuss book — but it’s very expensive nonsense indeed. Just ask Jill Biden, who is jetting about at taxpayer expense to support her crackhead criminal stepson.


“Dr.” Jill Biden expended at least $345,000 of taxpayers’ hard-earned money so she could fly back and forth between France and the U.S. for the D-Day commemoration and Hunter’s trial. Allegedly the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will be providing at least partial reimbursement for the pricey travels. It seems particularly depressing that, only 80 years after the D-Day invasion of WWII, when some of the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy are still alive, the wife of the U.S. president is squandering Americans’ cash on flights in connection with the shameful deeds of the president’s family. Between Joe possibly soiling his pants on stage and Jill’s jet trips, America sure is looking pathetic on the world stage.

The Western Journal summed up the relevant facts:

Hunter Biden’s trial over his allegedly illegal purchase of a gun was going on in Delaware at the same time as the D-Day memorial services in France, and “Doctor” Jill wanted to split her time attending both… Jill Biden is billing the U.S. government for the $345,400 in flights, the National Taxpayers Union Foundation estimated, according to the newspaper.


Fox News argued that Jill Biden could actually have spent even more than the above sum, however. After all, the outlet explained, the modified Boeing 747s known as the president’s Air Force One generally have an hourly flight cost of $200,000. Air Force Two, meanwhile, “often used by first ladies,” still can come at the hourly price of tens of thousands of dollars. The reimbursable rate for the typical First Lady’s plane is reportedly over $13,800 per hour.

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Whichever way you look at it, Jill is spending taxpayer money as if she, not Hunter, were high. Of course, at this point, it’s hard to tell the difference between the Bidens on substances and the Bidens just being their imbecilic selves. Thank goodness this administration brought decency and dignity back to the White House.

The meaningless statement from Jill Biden’s office to the UK Daily Mail on the subject was, “In accordance with relevant regulations utilized across administrations, the government is reimbursed the value of a first-class fare for these flights to Wilmington and back to Paris.” The outlet cited an unnamed White House official who asserted that the DNC will reimburse the government for the taxpayer money spent, but it is not clear exactly how much the reimbursement will be, nor if said reimbursement will cover the costs of Jill’s accompanying aides.


“But a first-class one-way trip from Philadelphia to Paris is $6,655, per a search on google flights,” the Daily Mail added. “The White House Military Office determines the final ticket charge and handles the billing.”

It all comes to the same thing; namely, that struggling American citizens are having to pay taxes so Jill Biden can take flights for personal reasons in connection with her stepson’s highly questionable escapades.



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