Chinese Illegals Flood U.S. as CCP Threatens War

Li Gang/Xinhua via AP, File

Even as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) gears up to launch a world war, the number of Chinese illegal aliens — including many military age men — entering the U.S. has been steadily spiking. Is the CCP prepping for war on American soil?

The CCP’s military exercises in preparation for an invasion of the independent nation of Taiwan grow more massive and their warmongering rhetoric more explicit all the time. The CCP has made it very clear. It wants to supersede the U.S. government as dominant world power, and it has threatened both America and Taiwan with war. At the same time, a huge wave of Chinese illegal aliens are entering the U.S. As experts have warned, we could already be experiencing a military invasion.

The Center for Immigration Studies’ (CIS) Todd Bensman testified this month before the House Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Accountability about the security risks of the ever-rising flood of illegal Chinese migrants thanks to Biden’s border crisis. Below is the summary provided by CIS of his testimony:

Before President Joe Biden’s January 2021 inauguration, illicit travel from China usually amounted to single digits per month, in 2019 and 2020, by five, seven or a couple of dozen apprehended in any given month. About 991 were encountered in 2018, 2,060 in 2019 before Covid, and 323 for all of 2020.

But in the three years since the president’s inauguration ending in March 2024, DHS’s alluring quick-release policies resulted in more than 50,000 Border Patrol encounters with Chinese nationals, at escalating monthly rates surpassing 4,500 and reaching nearly 6,000 during calendar year 2024. More Chinese nationals are now crossing the Southwest border near San Diego than Mexican nationals.

Stop and think about that for a moment — there are more Chinese than Mexican illegals. It is extremely difficult to get out of China and travel to the United States without the CCP knowing. This surge is not being driven purely by refugees from CCP tyranny. I would give a good guess that the CCP knows exactly what is happening and is fueling the crisis. Experts have cautioned before that CCP plants are almost certainly among the many Chinese illegals -- we just don’t know how many.

As I recently noted, this could be the perfect moment for starting war from a CCP perspective. China-funded Biden is in office in the United States, there is an American election fast approaching that could put strongly anti-CCP Donald Trump in power, and there is an economic crisis in China.

The CCP needs a distraction and a launch of its plan for world domination. It might finally and actually put its aggressive rhetoric into action, and, if it does so, the CCP plants in the U.S. could well launch a sudden and devastating attack from within America.

The Daily Caller recently highlighted that the number of Chinese illegal aliens has gone up a terrifying 8,000% between March 2021 and May 2024 (i.e., under Biden). Meanwhile the CCP is loudly declaring its determination to conquer Taiwan in defiance of the U.S. and the Biden administration (which has vowed assistance to Taiwan). Joe Biden and handlers have turned the world into a war-plagued disaster.


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