Less Than Half of Biden’s Illegals Are Employed As U.S. Migrant Population Hits New Record

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The increase in America’s foreign-born population since March 2022 set a record thanks to Joe Biden, and less than half of those migrants are employed. Illegal aliens in particular receive millions of taxpayer dollars in freebies but then, unsurprisingly, often don’t contribute back to the U.S. system.


The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) published revealing data on May 13. This included the fact that America’s foreign-born residents hit 51.6 million in March, up 5.1 million since March 2022, for a record high of 15.6% of the U.S. population. That includes both legal and illegal migrants, but the latter have been crossing in ever greater numbers under Biden. CIS estimated that around 58% of the foreign-born population increase since Biden took office — which is 6.6 million in 39 months — came from illegal migration.

CIS clarified that the foreign-born population increase mentioned above is only the net growth. Both deaths of migrants already in America and outmigration offset the high number of newly arriving migrants in the stats. In reality, CIS wrote, the U.S. tends to undercount foreign-born residents. “If present trends continue, the foreign-born population will reach 62.5 million in 2030 and 82.2 million by 2040 — larger than the current combined populations of 30 states plus the District of Columbia,” CIS explained.

That’s horrifying, considering how many of those people are practically unvetted illegals. It’s both population replacement and election rigging — a Biden administration move means that the Census counts illegal aliens, thus potentially rigging both Congress and the Electoral College in Democrats’ favor. From CIS:


Many observers think of immigrants solely as workers, but only 46 percent of the foreign-born who arrived in 2022 or later were employed in the first part of 2024 — similar to the share of new arrivals employed during previous economic expansions.

As in any human population, many newly arrived immigrants are children, elderly, disabled, caregivers, or others with no ability to work or interest in doing so.

Only about 8 percent of the 2.5 million new arrivals who are not working say they are actively looking for work.

And how many of those unemployed “new arrivals” are criminals? Who knows? Just in Texas, between 2011 and 2023, illegal aliens committed over 430,000 crimes. Too many of these migrants have deliberately come to America to steal, rape, or kill.

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It is interesting to note that immigrants (both legal and illegal) are taking all the touted “job gains” under Joe Biden. As of February, six out of 10 of the 2.9 million additional employed migrants were non-citizens. That means that up to half of the migrants who are taking millions of jobs instead of citizens were — and are — likely illegal aliens. So the migrants who do work take jobs from citizens, and many more migrants don’t work at all.


Illegal immigration puts Americans at risk and actively steals from American workers and taxpayers. And the Biden administration is feeding that crisis, prioritizing foreign lawbreakers over U.S. citizens.


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