Abortion Is NOT a Top Issue for U.S. Voters. Dems Are Distracting You

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Shut out the Democrat noise and stop believing the mainstream media narrative. Multiple polls and data sets have emphasized that abortion is not one of the top issues for most voters in the upcoming 2024 election, not by a long shot. Democrats are distracting from other issues by going hysterical about abortion.


The Democrats have so successfully screeched their heads off about abortion that even many Republicans now think that a significant percentage of voters will have abortion at the forefront of their minds in November. This is simply not true. Not only is there absolutely no moral justification for supporting baby murder in return for votes, but it isn’t even necessary. Over two-thirds of Americans believe in restricting abortion and the majority of Americans, including Democrats and independents, do not see abortion as one of their top five issues. Most Americans are primarily concerned about the economy, national security, immigration, and healthcare. Instead of compromising on baby murder, Republicans — including Trump — need to refocus on these key issues.

According to a December Marist poll, 73% of Americans believe in either banning or restricting abortion, while only 25% of Americans believe in abortion on demand. Even 54% of Democrats, a majority, support banning or restricting abortion! Most prefer restricting to banning it, but the fact remains that the majority of Americans of various political viewpoints are pro-life. In fact, Republican governors who signed pro-life legislation before the 2022 election all won by a bigger margin than they had previously!

And that’s without all the relevant information. What if Americans knew how brutal all forms of abortion are on the murdered babies; how much abortions drive up the risk of trauma, depression, suicide, and other issues for the mothers; and how abortion is never necessary to save a woman’s life? What could Republicans accomplish if they spoke truths about abortion instead of caving from political cowardice? The pro-life Founding Fathers would have had no doubts about what to do.


Now for the data on voters’ top concerns. First there’s Morning Consult data on U.S. voters’ top issues as of December 2023. Based on responses, Morning Consult ranked the issues in order of great importance to Americans when deciding whom to vote for. With the percentage that ranked each issue important, the top 12 were: the economy (73%), national security (67%), health care (65%), crime (63%), jobs (62%), taxes (61%), Social Security and Medicare (61%), immigration (59%), voting rights (58%), gun policy (55%), education (54%),  and abortion (49%). That’s right, abortion didn’t show up until the twelfth slot.

Some people will no doubt quickly point out that nearly half of Americans did say abortion was important; but note there was no “pro-life” option. Thus all the Americans like me who consider pro-life opposition to abortion a major issue would also have chosen abortion. Furthermore, there is data from another source to support the argument that, if pressed, most American voters will rate abortion much lower on the scale of importance than Democrats would wish.

Statista lists the percentage of American voters that put each of the following as their top issues: “inflation/prices” (20%), “healthcare” (14%), “immigration” (12%), “jobs & the economy” (11%), “climate & the environment” (8%), and “national security” (6%). Only 5% said abortion. If you combine “inflation/prices” and “jobs & the economy,” nearly a third of Americans — 31% — put economic problems as their top concern, versus 5% for abortion. My point is the same: There are a whole host of issues that most Americans consider more urgent than abortion. 


If you see other websites claiming abortion is a top issue, first consider whether there is hard evidence, then consider the source, and finally examine — if a poll is involved — how the questions were worded and what options were provided. For instance, I have seen data where the economy, the biggest issue for voters, was apparently not included as an option. And I have seen questions about abortion that were worded so deceptively that even individuals who support restricting abortion might return answers that could falsely skew data.

In fact, while we’re talking about deceptions, the new Arizona court victory for pro-life is an example. Absolutely nothing new or radical occurred. All that happened was that the court rightly and laudably upheld an Arizona law that is over 150 years old and should be be reinstated now that the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized there is no federal, constitutional right to abortion. Abortion giant Planned Parenthood challenged the law, and the court did not cave, upholding the Arizona law instead (now if only the law would actually be enforced…which it won’t). The fact that so many Republicans are having hysterical breakdowns over a court making the obvious and proper legal decision (entirely separate from the obvious moral issue) is a testament to just how successfully media can misrepresent any pro-life decision, and how many readers aren’t doing their own critical analysis.


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