Could World War III Happen? And Could It Kill America’s Struggling Economy?

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Could America be hurtling into World War III — and would that finally deal an unrecoverable blow to America’s economy? And how many terrorist sleeper cells are already in America? Several experts have weighed in.


Chadwick Hagan wrote a business commentary column for The Epoch Times on Oct. 24 titled “The Long View: Wars, Inflation, Recession, and Domestic Sleeper Cells.” As I wrote on Monday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is warning that Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and other Palestinian terrorists are potentially crossing the southern U.S. border. I also noted that it is certain that terrorist cells operate in the U.S. and that terrorists are crossing our southern border. Hezbollah operatives have been caught in the U.S. How many terrorists are just biding their time before launching a jihad attack exponentially worse than 9/11?

I’m not the only one wondering that — Hagan expressed similar concerns. We could potentially face both foreign wars and mass domestic terrorism, all of which could spell speedy doom for an already crippled economy; if you and your loved ones aren’t being killed, you could still be suffering economic disaster. “War often leads to inflation, and while inflation is not directly responsible for recession, price increases and decreased economic activity often lead to a recession,” Hagan explained.

Hagan noted that “the Israel conflict is a conflict I support and understand,” but added that “bombing a territory while simultaneously sending billions in aid to the territory being bombed — Gaza — makes for an interesting narrative.” Joe Biden keeps funding terrorist-controlled Gaza for some reason. The U.S. has already expended more than $75 billion on the devastating Russia-Ukraine conflict, “and that amount does not count the money given to allies to support the effort,” Hagan explained. Biden is now asking for an additional $105 billion for Ukraine, Israel, and (allegedly) the southern border. Can we afford all that? In a word, no.


Of course, the Ukraine war already hit the global economy hard. Hagan reports that the European Central Bank (ECB) said, “The war triggered a massive shock to the global economy, especially to energy and food markets, squeezing supply and pushing up prices to unprecedented levels.” And bond guru Bill Gross warned on Oct. 23, “Regional bank carnage and recent rise in auto delinquencies to long-term historical highs indicate U.S. economy slowing significantly. Recession in fourth quarter.”

We are “staring down a recession,” Hagan stated. But there’s also the risk of another war. He cited Sen. Angus King‘s (I-Maine) question about potential “cyber ‘sleeper cells’ that have infiltrated the nation’s energy grid and may be positioned for a future attack.” According to former FBI Special Agent Eric Caron, “We have over a thousand joint terrorism task force cases going on here in America today relating to Muslim extremists.”

We have millions of practically unvetted illegal migrants, including tens of thousands of criminals and potential terrorists, who have poured and continue to pour across the border. “How many potential enemies are hiding in America, waiting for the next opportunity?” Hagan wondered.

Ask yourself this: While fighting numerous wars, battling inflation, and contending with the looming threat of a recession, what happens if domestic attacks start from sleeper cells hiding out across America? What if the sleeper cells decide to attack our energy grid? What if these sleeper cells decide to start a religious war in America? It’s completely possible, and no one can say our border is safe…

And what about China? What happens if China decides to wage war to [seize] control of Taiwan?

All of the sudden a world war seems plausible. How will America respond, and what will this do to our economy?

What will this do to America?


It’s a disturbing question without a clear answer, but both Democrats and Republicans should start considering the question real fast before we plunge ourselves into a multi-front war we cannot win.



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