WATCH: 'Queer' Pre-K Teacher Says She Tells Kids to Be Gay

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One preschool teacher’s curriculum seems to be G rated—if G stands for “Groomer.”

According to Chaya Raichik’s popular Libs of TikTok account on X (formerly Twitter), DeDe Duffy is a preschool teacher in Cape Coral, Florida. I don’t know about you, but when I was in preschool we learned how to read and write and count. Duffy’s priority, however, is turning kids “gay.”


Below is a transcript of the video clip of Duffy that Libs of TikTok shared. Duffy was on the verge of tears or actively sobbing and shouting throughout the entire video. She is very clearly filled with rage and bitterness.

I feel like I had to learn the concept of chosen families really young, and it wasn’t anything to do with my queerness but just based on the fact that I didn’t have the love at home that I needed, and I knew that I was valuable and deserved it, so I found it on my own early on. And, you know, I shouldn’t be blamed for that, because fa—like, blood, it still exists, you were never there for me, and I found my own love, and that’s okay, and I think everybody should be allowed to do that, and that’s what I f*cking teach in the classroom, okay, I always say ‘give it to your friend, not your mom, because f*ck your mom.’ And, I don’t know, I just am so sad, I’m so sad, and I hate my sister, she’s a f*cking c*nt, that’s all I have to say.

And she’s teaching preschoolers!


The video from Libs of TikTok also included a short clip of Duffy in makeup and a short pink dress, holding fans, and striking odd poses, with the caption: “the only thing these fl kids r learning from me is be gay.”

This sad woman needs some serious therapy and counseling, not affirmation in her “queerness” (whatever the heck that means this week). And she certainly shouldn’t be teaching small children until she can work through a few of her issues—which she cannot do by sharing her sexual theories with her little students. Duffy evidently had a sad childhood, but she’s taking out that hurt by trying to divide children from their parents as she felt divided from hers. She’s destroying families because she feels, however accurately, that her family wasn’t there for her. That’s wicked.

Below is a tweet from Libs of TikTok about a book for toddlers and preschoolers, “Being You,” which tells kids that there are multiple genders and people can choose to change “genders”:

Such content and indoctrination is entirely unacceptable in high school—and for preschoolers, it’s outright obscene. Not only are crazy LGBTQ groomers brainwashing and sexualizing very young children, but they are also deliberately separating children from their parents. This is why radical LGBTQ ideology is so horribly dangerous and destructive. It drives children down a path of depression and both physical and psychological harm—since a significant majority of LGBTQ youth (70%) are depressed or hopeless—while also undermining the foundational building block of society: the family.


Therefore, such content needs to be removed altogether from schools. America cannot survive without strong families and healthy (both mentally and physically) young people. People like the disturbed preschool teacher above are literally tearing our society and nation apart in pursuit of their woke ideology.



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