The CCP Is Already ‘Waging War on America’


A spokesman of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), an anti-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organization, has a warning for the U.S.: “Whether Americans realize it or not, the CCP is already here inside the gates of America.”


NFSC was founded three years ago exactly, on June 4, 2020, the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, to take down the CCP. It was founded by Miles Guo (aka Wengui or Miles Kwok), a Chinese dissident, and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon. As other experts warn about the growing threat of the CCP, and the CCP’s language gets more aggressive against America, an NFSC spokesman explained why Americans have to care about the CCP in exclusive comments to PJ Media.

”Whether Americans realize it or not, the CCP is already here inside the gates of America,” the NFSC spokesman told me. “They are killing millions of Americans each year via fentanyl, they are stealing trillions of dollars each year via predatory trading practices, and now they are bribing and infiltrating American government to try to control every aspect of American life.”

China is a major source of deadly fentanyl that enters the U.S. illegally due to Biden’s border crisis. Fox News reported in June 2022 that 70,000 Americans died of fentanyl overdoses between December 2020 and December 2021.  Former CIA officer and Donald Trump campaign national security advisor Anthony Shaffer warned in March, “[I]nstitutions of the United States government, to include the White House, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, were paid millions of dollars to essentially defer to China.” The CCP is America’s number one enemy, but the threat is closer to home than many realize.


As the NFSC spokesman told me, “This is why Americans must care, because although America did not start this war with the CCP, the CCP has been waging war on America for decades.” Not all wars are fought on battlefields. “The NFSC, as the CCP’s enemy #1, is a natural ally of the American people in our shared fight agains the CCP,” the spokesman insisted. “This is why you see so many patriots, including Rep. [Paul] Gosar and Rep. [Andy] Ogles, attending and supporting our third anniversary event this year, because the world is waking up, and America is waking up.”

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NFSC co-founder Miles Guo remains in jail after federal arrest and denial of bail, though two CCP spies arrested soon after were quickly released on bail.

The CCP is already working to undermine the U.S. from within. What are Americans going to do to defend our nation from this threat?



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