Happy Earth Day: ‘Green’ Energy Is Toxic, Inefficient, and Unprofitable

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For all leftists, climate alarmists, and other dwellers in fantasy land, happy Earth Day! Unfortunately for “climate change” true believers, not only have climate predictions been consistently and wildly wrong for 50 years now, but “clean” or “green” energy is toxic for the environment, inefficient, and unprofitable.


Unprofitable to everyone but the businessmen in charge lining their pockets while producing very little electricity, of course. Not to mention the politicians who justify increasing their control over land and lives by saying they’re “saving the planet.” And this time, after fifty years, they’re totally right about impending apocalypse. Just trust the “experts.”

First, it’s literally impossible to produce the amount of energy and electricity society currently uses with “green” energy. That’s why climate propagandists like World Economic Forum tell people to get used to being poorer. But also, much of that “green” energy is actually terrible for the environment. Solar panels and wind turbines have killed billions of birds, and offshore wind turbines can be deadly for whales.

And those “green” electric vehicles (EV)? Not only is electricity largely produced from non-green sources (particularly coal and natural gas), but EV batteries, which have to be replaced every few years, are very toxic to dispose of. The “mining, manufacturing, and disposal of [EV] batteries threatens to be a major environmental concern in the coming years.” Solar panels and wind turbines also generate lots of toxic waste.


So wind turbines, solar panels, and EVs are actually very bad for the environment. They also require a lot of funding, too often with little financial return. Climate Change Dispatch just reported that, in some cases, wind farms can actually make more money by being switched off; meanwhile, needed electricity isn’t being provided. Solar panel installers are apt to lose money. In a more purely free-market society, “green” energy would fail, because it can’t provide sufficient returns for investment.

Any reasonable person who has seen wind or solar farms has to notice they take up massive amounts of land. In other words, to put up wind turbines or solar panels, huge swathes of natural scenery and farmland must be ruined. This includes killing literally millions of trees. Back in 2016, a planned solar panel farm in New Jersey required cutting down 15,000 trees. 200-year-old rainforest trees were axed in Tasmania in 2019 to clear land for a wind farm. In Scotland, as of 2020, almost 14 million trees had been cut down to make way for wind turbines. By 2021, Scotland was reportedly still cutting down an estimated 1,600 trees a day to make way for wind turbines. In 2022, Germany was planning to clear a large swathe of the thousand-year-old forest known as the “treasure house of European forests” to make way for a wind power plant. Also in 2022, Rhode Island officials and activists were battling over whether forests should be leveled to make way for solar panels. How can any of that honestly be called pro-environment?


”Climate change” alarmism has been a politically-fueled, anti-science fraud for decades now, and “green” or “clean” energy is part of that fraud.

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