Elon Musk Responds to Conservative Commentator's Suggestion That He Should Start His Own Media Platforms or University

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

Technology billionaire Elon Musk is not afraid to make his opinions loud and clear, especially when they frustrate his corporate liberal counterparts.

He is not necessarily politically conservative; however, he is heavily critical of the progressive “woke” culture that controls most institutions in the United States.


Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza would Musk to go beyond just tweeting his thoughts, and wants the business mogul to take action.

“Tweets are fine @elonmusk but you can dramatically change the political and cultural landscape this way: 1. Buy and take over a major social media platform 2. Acquire or create a TV network like ABC, NBC or CBS 3. Create a world-class online university and offer degrees for free,” the pundit tweeted Friday afternoon.

Musk later replied, “Interesting ideas.”

This is likely trolling, except Musk is a man of action.

He is the richest man in the world, which means that he certainly has the resources to develop any sort of media platform or educational institution that he desires.

Major social media platforms have not only become hotbeds of political censorship, but they have also become deeply addictive and unethical. The opportunities are endless, and Musk’s reach as a non-politically exclusive celebrity would gain his platform users from all sides of the political spectrum. This has been a hurdle of alternative platforms such as GETTR and Parler, which have all unfortunately become right-wing echo chambers.


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Acquiring or developing a television network is intriguing, but would likely be difficult for even Musk to pull off. It would probably be much more lucrative for him to start a new media platform, rather than diving into an arguably dying medium.

D’Souza’s last idea is probably the most fascinating out of the three and has the potential to be the most effective. Affordable and accessible education is a frequent talking point from left-wing politicians, who often want to propose unrealistic proposals that would pose a significant burden on the average taxpayer.

If Musk created a private-sector online university that would offer free or extremely low-cost degrees, it could revolutionize education worldwide. Those who are in poverty may even be able to dig themselves out of it if a program like that existed without the limitations of government.

Let’s just hope that that university’s professors would be less politically radical compared to most modern academia.


Billionaires have the potential to use their vast amounts of wealth to make a substantial global change, and oftentimes do so if in a way that is rather questionable. By contrast, Musk can use his seemingly transparent nature to help fight against institutional rot created by leftism. The media and education spaces are different than the fields he currently works in, except these endeavors could help shape his legacy even further.

Let’s hope he heeds D’Souza’s advice.


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