[WATCH] Biden's Communications Director Just Swapped Out the 'Disinformation Dozen' for 'Conservative News Outlets'

Biden communications director Kate Bedingfeld. Screenshot from video.

Over the past few days the Biden White House has swiftly pulled one of the most breathtaking bait-and-switch routines in modern history.

It began last week when Jen Psaki revealed that the Biden bunch had been flagging posts and individuals to social media platforms for using them to spread what it characterizes as “disinformation” on the COVID vaccine. Psaki said at the time that they were really only going after “a dozen people” on this issue. She said the White House wanted them de-platformed across all social media if they’re found to be spreading “disinformation.” Biden doubled and tripled down, accusing first the social media platforms and then the “disinformation dozen” of “killing people.” The White House press corps hasn’t evidently thought all this through, mostly asking if the White House will hold the platforms or the dozen “accountable” without defining what that means, or asking the White House, which is casting all the blame, to define “accountability” other than de-platforming, which they’ve clearly put on the table.


The Biden White House seemed to be a bit rocked by the reaction to its admission of fascistic behavior — government enlisting private industry to do its bidding — but didn’t back down.

Now it’s doubled down again, and switched its targets. White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfeld isn’t talking about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the others in the “disinformation dozen” anymore. They’re individuals, not outlets, and many of them, including RFK Jr., were anti-vax long before COVID.

Instead of naming them or even including them or outlining the problems with what they’ve posted online, Bedingfeld widened the list of this White House’s targets dramatically Tuesday morning.

What are these “conservative outlets” and what content does this White House deem to be “irresponsible”? Bedingfeld intentionally doesn’t say, just as the White House didn’t name the “disinformation dozen.” Better to cast the suspicion net as wide as possible than name anyone and give them the opportunity to rebut.


This is clearly ground prep for something. It has been a planned information op beginning with Psaki’s comments last week. Bedingfeld chose to make these comments on MSNBC, to one of the least intelligent and most partisan hosts on cable, Mika Brzezinski, an avowed leftist who’s unlikely to do anything other than let Bedingfeld attack the First Amendment without challenge. This is intentional.

None of this is a president’s or a White House’s job. There’s a First Amendment standing in the way that even protects unpopular speech whether some public employee calls it “disinformation” or not. Biden and Harris are some of the original anti-vax conspiracists as well, but the mainstream media won’t hold them accountable for that.

We can be assured that at least one objective related to this info op is on this White House’s mind: the midterms. They’re seeing polls and they’re thinking ahead to how they can prepare the battlespace as the 2022 elections loom. History isn’t on the side of the party that holds the White House in its first midterm. The economy is shaky and Americans are showing more and more wariness at Biden’s priorities and the outcomes of his policies. The Democrats’ margins in Congress are already razor thin and they lost big at the state level in 2020. The Biden White House is not going to change policy. The border will continue to be a disaster and a COVID super-spreader that Biden and the media will intentionally ignore. See Griff Jenkins here:


The Biden administration doesn’t care about that, choosing instead to target Americans. That’s always been his go-to move. Inflation is becoming a monster and crime continues to spike due directly to Democrat defund the police policies. Biden is weak on China, soft on Russia, absent on Cuba, but tough on Americans he doesn’t like for any reason. Democrats should be worried about all this and they are. In normal times they’d be due a shellacking in 2022. But this administration hasn’t behaved like a normal one from its first day. One thing they can do instead of a policy course correction ahead of the midterms is de-platform their critics to hobble their electoral opponents. Silence millions of Americans and make it much more difficult to move messages and voters. The Constitution and everything else that stands in their way may as well be damned. The Biden White House wants unchallenged power.


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