WATCH: Democrat Mocks Threat From Communism; Vietnamese Survivor Fires Back

Ariz. state Rep. Quang Nguyen. Screenshot from Twitter.

Do you know what the third most spoken language is in Texas?

After English and Spanish, more Texans speak Vietnamese at home than any other language.

How did this happen?


I had no idea about much when, as a kid growing up in Texas, one of my friends was a Vietnamese kid. He spoke English with an accent because he spoke Vietnamese at home. I didn’t know much about the “boat people” — he was among them, along with his surviving family members — who came here in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The main thing I knew about my friend was that he was my friend, and he was pretty cool. Texas became home for thousands of the “boat people” who fled communism as South Vietnam fell. They have thrived here.

I also didn’t know then that Democrat Sen. Joe Biden opposed helping refugees such as my friend.

What we all should know now is that communists hunted down and murdered so many people after the United States left Vietnam. Thankfully the communists didn’t kill Arizona state Rep. Quang Nguyen. He survived, only to have a Democrat mock him for pointing out the threat communism still poses.


Nguyen fired back hard. He deserves to have the last word.

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