It's Not Your Imagination. Joe Biden Really Is Weakening the United States.

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This week’s C’Mon Now! show came with a provocative title: “Biden Calls a Lid…On the American Experiment.”

The day it debuted, Monday, Biden called another lid on his day — before 2 p.m., in fact.

The old saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” doesn’t apply to Joe Biden.

When the going gets tough, because another of his deliberate policy decisions has caused the nation and the world major problems, Biden calls a lid.

We never used to hear about presidents calling a lid. Certainly not during the Trump years. The Bic Mac-fueled real estate tycoon, who never even took a salary for doing the job, seemed to be up and functioning, mean-tweeting and advancing his issues, at every hour of the day. Twenty-five-year-olds couldn’t keep up with the plus-70-year-old.

Now, Biden calls lids all the time. That means he’s done for the day, won’t take any calls, won’t do any press, won’t…do his job.

While he’s not on the job, someone is. America won’t destroy itself, after all. It takes volition and multiple decisions across a sprawling government to do that.

The U.S. Navy, still the world’s most powerful global fleet by far, is setting about to divide itself under Biden’s direction. It’s going woke, announcing it will prioritize “equity” and diversity rather than keeping the peace against adversaries who are busily strengthening themselves.

The memo states that Chief Diversity Officer of the Navy, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) (ASN (M&RA)), Catherine Kessmeier, will lead a Department of Navy team to see that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are included in “our policies, program, and operations across the enterprise.”

“Equal opportunity is the bedrock of our democracy and diversity is one of our greatest strengths; both are critical to the readiness of our Navy and Marine Corps team and, ultimately, to our mission success,” said Harker. “Aligned with these guiding principles, it is the policy of the Department of the Navy (DON) to continue making transformative and meaningful steps that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our policies, programs, and operations across the enterprise. This review will examine both Navy and Marine Corps policies and build on existing efforts within both services.”

While the Navy is going woke, China is building its fleet. It has a long way to go to match ours yet, but as I’ve said on our VIP Gold chats, it’s leadership that matters. America has no patriotic leadership at the helm. America’s leadership is pushing the noxious 1619 Project lie into our public schools, which will poison future generations to believe America is hopelessly racist and everything good that can be said or believed about it is based on a lie.

How does this help the United States survive as a nation?

China’s Xi is a Maoist nationalist through and through. He’s not intentionally dividing China from within or weakening its military. He doesn’t call lids. He also has more than a billion people at his disposal, numbers that if history is any guide, he can use as fodder in any ground conflict. China is in many ways a paper tiger. It’s economically brittle and the genuine support its communist regime truly enjoys among the people is always up for questioning. But it’s hard not to notice its growing strength at precisely the moment Biden is systematically weakening the United States.

Tuesday Biden offered more evidence that he puts America’s interests last, when he waived objections to a Russian energy pipeline that will put Germany on Putin’s energy tenterhooks — after Biden scuttled the Keystone XL pipeline on his very first day in office. What’s the science that says Putin’s pipeline is fine, but one connecting the U.S. and Canada is not? Biden hasn’t said, the media hasn’t asked. Is Biden’s Russia pipeline move even legal? Does that even matter anymore?

Meanwhile, the border is still in a state of total chaos — chaos that Biden instigated as soon as he took office. I could write about the border every single day just by culling the Facebook reports of the Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies and eyewitnesses in the area. That area, by the way, isn’t limited to the border. It’s now several decks of counties inland into Texas and presumably the other border states.

Here’s a report from Laredo, Texas, Border Patrol Wednesday morning.

Freer Station Agents at Highway 59 Checkpoint Find Three Undocumented Individuals Inside Trunk.

Yesterday afternoon, #USBP Freer Station agents working at the Highway 59 #checkpoint east of Laredo, encountered a black sedan with two visible occupants. At primary, the driver displayed suspicious behavior. Agents were granted consent to search inside the trunk and found three individuals.

An immigration inspection determined that the individuals were from Guatemala with no legal status to be present in the United States.

Here’s another from Tuesday.

Laredo Sector #USBP agents, Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office (JWCSO), Webb-County Constable Pct 2 (WCCP2), and federal law enforcement partners find over 60 undocumented individuals in two stash houses.

Freer Station agents and JWCSO responded to reports of suspicious activity at a residence near Alice, Texas. When deputies and agents approached the residence, multiple individuals ran out and attempted to the flee the area. A total of 23 undocumented individuals were apprehended by law enforcement officers.

Another stash house was found in Laredo. Agents and WCCP2 investigated a report of suspicious activity at a residence in central Laredo. When officers approached the residence, several undocumented individuals turned themselves in. A search of the property resulted in the apprehension of over 40 undocumented individuals. Amongst the individuals were three noncitizen unaccompanied children from Guatemala.

All subjects encountered were taken into custody for further investigation.

Keep in mind, these are the success stories. Every day, thousands of illegals enter the United States undetected. Every day, law enforcement gives chase to stolen vehicles full of illegals, who then bail out of those stolen vehicles and scatter in the brush. They’re not apprehended. And every day, the Biden administration busses and flies hundreds of illegals around the country to no-one-is-saying where, or for what purpose. Every day.

The chaos isn’t slowing down. Kamala Harris still hasn’t even shown up to do anything about it, as she was allegedly assigned to do.

While border chaos is worsening, and the Israel-Hamas war continues, Biden reportedly wants to do Iran another solid while the hard left in his own party criticizes Israel for defending itself.

What can this do, except leave Israel more vulnerable and make Iran more powerful?

What can this do, except convince our allies and would-be allies that the United States is now an unreliable ally —  one that is obsessed with race and destroying itself from within?

Iran’s ruling mullahs have been at war with the United States since the Jimmy Carter years. Biden wants to reward them will billions of your dollars — which we don’t even have, thanks to the reckless spending he’s already launched, and which is triggering inflation here at home.

By just about every measure, Joe Biden has spent his first 100 or so days in office doing precisely two things — taking naps and taking America down several pegs in power and prestige.

I can’t even joke about “But at least he’s not mean tweeting!” anymore. None of this is funny. It’s deadly serious and America — and the world — will pay a steep price for Biden’s terrible tenure.



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