Rep. Ayanna Pressley Tweets 'You Can't Be Anti-Racist' Unless You Support This Massively Regressive Policy She Likes

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Remember last week when Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted this nonsense?


Everything is infrastructure! That assault on our language didn’t help sell Biden’s irresponsible and deceptive “infrastructure” bill. Gillibrand earned derision and mockery on Twitter to the point that it seemed we’d have to wait a while for another Democrat to tweet something that made less sense and attracted as much snark.


Rep. Ayanna Pressley enters the arena and says “Hold my beer!


Never mind the impressive combination of race-baiting and gaslighting she managed to pack into that one tweet. Pressley isn’t even close to correct on the economics here. JP Morgan Chase studied the issue of student debt cancellation and found that it would disproportionately help the middle and upper classes at the expense of lower-income Americans.

Finding Two: Student debt cancellation disproportionately benefits middle- and high-income families, though income targeting makes cancellation less regressive.

We find that a disproportionate amount of debt forgiveness goes to middle- or high-income households under all the cancellation scenarios we consider because higher-income households tend to hold more student debt. However, more aggressive income targeting can make a cancellation program significantly more progressive.

Sure, income targeting could change the balance. But that’s not what Pressley said. Pressley made a blanket statement that you can’t be anti-racist if you don’t support any and all student debt cancellation.

Twitter has never lent itself to nuance and such. There’s no nuance in Pressley’s tweet.

Tweeters noticed.

Nailed it.

Narrator voice: She’s not.

Wealthy, elite Democrats keep pushing this policy, which disproportionately helps affluent white people, and Pressly says you can’t be anti-racist unless you’re in favor of this massive wealth transfer. No one is addressing the root causes behind the fact that the cost of higher education has blown past inflation and run laps around it — even while COVID kept students off-campus and on Zoom. Democrats never will; they’d lose the university tenured professor and administrator vote if they did.

But y’all do y’all.



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