Biden Is Unhappy That Baseball Fans Will Be Able to Enjoy Some Baseball

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You’d be hard-pressed to get Joe Biden to offer an update, opinion, or even a single fact about the border.

That’s a huge mess. It’s his job for that not to be a huge mess. The border is a national security issue. He handed it off to Kamala Harris more than a week ago. She laughed when the media asked if she was going to the border, then laughed at parents who want their kids back in school. Laughing at problems has been Harris’s chief public contribution to the administration so far.


Biden’s chief contribution has been to make terrible decisions and get Americans to argue about them. Unity!

It’s not Biden’s job to be the owner of a baseball team or the commissioner of any baseball league. But he’s quick with an opinion about what one of the baseball teams in Texas should do on opening day.

President Biden called the Texas Rangers’ decision to play in front of a full house on Opening Day with no capacity restrictions “a mistake” in an interview on SportsCenter late Wednesday.

“Well that’s a decision they made, I think it’s a mistake,” Biden told ESPN’s Sage Steele in a pre-taped interview when asked about the team’s choice to open the stadium to as many fans as possible.

“They should listen to Dr. Fauci and the scientists and the experts.”

Fauci…the guy’s who’s been on every side of the covid issue throughout this ordeal.

Biden called Texas a bunch of Neanderthals when Gov. Abbott lifted the mask mandate and allowed businesses the option of reopening. It’s just an option. Businesses can still choose how open they’ll be and they can even require masks if they want. Has Biden been here? Most businesses are still requiring masks, but they’re also opened up and hiring.

But for having the mere freedom to choose, the career politician called the nation’s job-creating engine a bunch of Neanderthals.


Covid case numbers went down in Texas after the mandate went away. That’s a fact. The positive test rate is about 4.2% last time I checked. Our hospitals are fine, Texas is fine.


(We’re more fine the less we hear from Washington.)

Does he know or care that his own border policies are straining resources in the overwhelmingly Hispanic border communities? Nah. He’s more than a thousand miles away from the problems he is creating and expects to benefit his party. If a few little girls have to get dropped over a huge fence, well, that’s their problem.

He wants MLB to move the All-Star Game out of Georgia because of the election law he’s been shamelessly lying about.

Perhaps he’ll demand the Texas Rangers abandon Texas next. It would make as much sense as most of his other decisions and statements.

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