Make That Two: Dr. Birx Says Voting In Person Will Be Safe

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Americans have voted in person during every conceivable circumstance including pandemics. We event voted in person successfully during the Civil War.

A week ago, White House COVID task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci said voting in person for this November’s election will be safe as long as masks and distancing are used.


“I think if carefully done, according to the guidelines, there’s no reason that I can see why that not be the case,” he told ABC News’ Deborah Roberts during a National Geographic event Thursday.

Fauci compared the safety of casting a ballot in person to that of an in-person shopping trip to the grocery store in “counties and cities that are doing it correctly.”

“They have X’s every six or more feet,” he added. “And it says, ‘Don’t leave this spot until the person in front of you left their spot.’ And you can do that, if you go and wear a mask, if you observe the physical distancing, and don’t have a crowded situation, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do that.”

Now another member of the COVID task force. Dr. Deborah Birx, agrees.

“If you go into Starbucks in the middle of Texas and Alabama and Mississippi that have very high case rates, then I can’t say that it would be different waiting in line in the polls,” Birx said.

Of course, she cautions that masks must be worn and social distancing must be adhered to. “I know there’s a way but you really do have to pay attention,” she added.

So that’s two of the most high-profile members of the national COVID task force agreeing that voting in person this fall can be done safely.


Voting in person must the norm across the country.

Not only has the U.S. Postal Service proven itself to be of questionable competence over the years, its union has also endorsed Joe Biden in the election. It has a partisan interest in the election that mainly Democrats want it to handle. The Democrats have taken the postal service’s possible role up a notch by inventing conspiracy theories, which does nothing to assure Americans that they will approach the elections with fairness in mind. They want to defeat Trump too badly to be trusted.

Additionally, New Jersey just had an election invalidated because of mail-in voter fraud. While 2020 has already been chaotic, just imagine the scenes if we disallow voting in person, the postal service botches the job, fraud overwhelms the system, and we have no idea who has been elected president by the turn of 2021.

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