Two Women Arrested For Beating Wisconsin State Senator During June Riot

Kerida E. O'Reilly, 33, and Samantha R. Hamer, 26, both of Madison, WI, were each arrested for substantial battery – party to a crime, and robbery with use of force – party to a crime. Dane County Sheriff's Office.

Back in June, protesters went on a riot binge in Madison, Wisconsin. They toppled statues, including one honoring abolitionist Hans Christian Heg. He died fighting for the Union, to abolish slavery, during the Civil War. They toppled his statue. The rioters also toppled a statue literally dedicated to human progress, called, appropriately enough, “Forward.”


The riots are taking our cities back to the bad old days of extreme violent crime. Chicago has racked up 101 murders this month, one of just four months it has achieved this dubious distinction in its recorded history. The murder rate is up all over, from New York to Los Angeles. Violent crime is rising along with it.

Democrats are running on a platform of bringing more violent crime and riots to more of America.

Wisconsin state Sen. Tim Carpenter (D) happened upon the riot that night in June and stopped to take video with his cell phone.

Rioters surrounded the gay, far-left Democrat and beat him.

A little over a month later, two women turned themselves in to police for beating Carpenter.

Curiously, this story doesn’t name the two women, only giving their ages.

MADISON, Wis. — Two women have been arrested for attacking a Wisconsin state senator during a chaotic night of violence near the state Capitol last month.

The women, ages 26 and 33, turned themselves in Monday and were taken to the Dane County Jail, Madison police said.

Democratic Sen. Tim Carpenter was beaten after taking cell phone video of protesters the night of June 23. His phone and glasses were taken and later returned.


Their identities are a matter of public record since they were arrested and booked. Police posted them here:

Thanks to help from the community, the case detective was able to identify the two persons of interest. Both turned themselves in today. Samantha R. Hamer, age 26, Madison, and Kerida E. O’Reilly, age 33, Madison, were each arrested for substantial battery – party to a crime, and robbery with use of force – party to a crime.

Local TV also names them. The fact that they’re both local raises questions about the idea that the rioters tend to come from somewhere else.

The original police report describes what the senator experienced that night.

The politician said he was walking to the State Capitol around midnight when he saw a group of demonstrators in the street. He decided to use his phone to capture what was happening. As he did, three people rushed toward him, saying something about his phone. One knocked it out of his hand. He said he was then sucker punched. He fell to the ground and was battered by several people.

A media member, who witnessed the assault, told police approximately ten people punched and kicked the politician while he was on the ground and as the politician tried to explain that he is an ally.

When the beating stopped, the politician tried to dialogue with his attackers, explaining who he was, and asking for his phone and glasses to be returned. They were, and someone identifying herself as a nurse came to his aid. Feeling “lightheaded, stunned and dazed” he next stumbled toward the State Capitol, where he laid down on the grass.


Emphasis added.

The rioters don’t stop to consider whether one is an “ally” or not. The rioters have consistently opposed exposure of their actions and identities. They wore masks long before COVID. They stopped journalists from reporting on Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP and on their riots in Portland and elsewhere. The First Amendment is one of many rights Americans take for granted that the rioters do not support and do not allow when they have control. They even violate the part about redress of grievances when they assemble, but far from peaceably. In Portland, they attack one symbol of hard-won progress and due process — the federal courthouse — every night.

Crimes such as the assault on Carpenter force citizens to think twice about going outside downtown anywhere for any reason now without carrying some means of self-defense. This is all the more true as cities across the country, controlled by Democrats, indiscriminately and irresponsibly cut their police budgets. One simply never knows when a riot will erupt out of a protest or out of nothing at all.

It’s practically Newtonian: The overreaction of defunding police will cause reaction and possibly overreaction the other way. Citizens will react and respond to conditions they observe. In Minneapolis, where all the madness started in late May, citizens have responded to the irresponsible police budget cuts there by taking up armed patrols of their neighborhoods.

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