Democrat Strategist Donna Brazile Wants to Love-Bomb ISIS, or Something.

Donna Brazile is a major Democrat strategist. She made her name during the Clinton administration, and has remained a fixture in Washington ever since. ABC and CNN regularly have her on to give the Democratic Party’s point of view.


After the Islamic State published video of the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff, Brazile was very quick to make sure that no Americans get all hate-y about it.

Brazile then went on a more eloquent line of questioning, but watch where it leads at the end.

Pay attention to Brazile’s rejection of name-calling. It doesn’t last long.

It should end with victory over ISIS. And why is it that Democrats only care about costs when national security is involved?


Brazile calls out a few senators from both parties, then…

She re-tweets this from noted military strategy expert Marc Lamont Hill.

What is? Uploading their embarrassing photos to iCloud?

By this time, her “hate is not a strategy” tweet had blown up in her face.

So she tweets this.

And now it’s come to this.

But stupidity is in Democrat DNA.


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