Surprise! There's an 'Outlaw' on the Perry Grand Jury

Another liberal on the Perry grand jury. What are the odds? What. Are. The. Odds?

Apparently, the odds are 100%.

She’s a secretary at a state university. She’s originally from Illinois. She’s nearly 48. She’s black. She voted in the 2008 Democratic primary. Oh, and it appears her maiden name is Outlaw.


“Outlaw.” If you tried to make that up, no one would believe you.

And yes, Tyus does work at UT.

Della M. Tyus, the forewoman of the Travis County grand jury who signed with her curvy script the document that indicted Gov. Rick Perry last week, isn’t your typical Texas grand juror.

But is that good news for justice or another reason to be suspicious of the Perry indictment?

If you’ve read any of my columns lately on how Texas’ flawed grand jury system is overrun with monolithic bodies of mostly white elite retirees, so-called pillars of the community who travel in certain circles and have strong ties to law enforcement, then Tyus might be a breath of fresh air.

The fact that a Texas grand jury indicted a sitting Texas governor might be proof that the system isn’t corrupt, after all.

Or, it’s evidence that Travis County is even more partisan and clownish than anyone previously thought. Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg, who wrote the linked piece, chooses not to go there. Perhaps she’s friends with Rho Chalmers, I don’t know.

This next part is fun.

But political persecution from whom?

The tiny Austin group, Texans for Public Justice, that filed the complaint?

That “tiny” group exists for one purpose: attacking Republicans. That’s literally all they do, and it’s why George Soros funds them. Falkenberg either does not know that, or does, but does not disclose that. Or she doesn’t care. Which is it?


Read the rest, if you want. It’s not all that informative. Though she does work in this quote from a high-powered lawyer:

The truth of the matter is that the grand jury hears only what the prosecutor wants them to hear. This wasn’t a case of a grand jury going out on its own and seeking evidence. This is a grand jury that’s led around in the nose by the prosecutor. That’s what happens with grand juries.

Falkenberg shoots that down in the Perry case, apparently because she feels like it.

Falkenberg is one columnist who doesn’t bury the lead, though, which is that a UT liberal who votes in Democrat primaries was the Perry grand jury’s foreperson. That her maiden name is Outlaw doesn’t mean anything one way or the other. It’s just hilarious.


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