MSNBC: New Poll Says Obama is 'Politically Toxic' for Democrats

A new ABC/Washington Post poll finds President Obama’s approval rating down to 41%, the lowest number has had in that poll. Even more telling than that number, is the number of Americans who want to hand Congress over to Republican control to “keep Obama in check.” A majority — 53% — favor doing that.


MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski is shell-shocked that a majority of American don’t trust her guiding light.

The same poll back in January found that a plurality supported Obamacare. Well, so much for that.

The Post-ABC poll found that 44 percent say they support the law while 48 percent say they oppose it, which is about where it was at the end of last year and in January. Half of all Americans also say they think implementation is worse than expected.

Last month, a Post-ABC poll found 49 percent of Americans saying they supported the new law compared with 48 percent who opposed it. That finding was more positive for the administration than most other polls at the time. Democrats saw it as a possible leading indicator of a shift in public opinion, but that has not materialized.



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