Sad News: Colorado's 'Brosurance' Ads Didn't Work

Say, it turns out that condescending to people isn’t the most effective way to advertise to them.

WASHINGTON – Colorado’s young adults have been urged to sign up for health insurance plans in myriad commercials including the widely derided “Brosurance” ad, but enrollment in the state-based exchange increased only slightly last month.

Just 23 percent of those who signed up for a policy on Connect for Health Colorado are 18 to 34 years old, according to new numbers released Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The share of these “young invincibles” increased from 22 percent at the end of December but remains far behind the 33 percent figure that health officials imply is necessary to prevent insurance premiums from rising across the board.


It’s so surprising that these brilliant ads targeting slackers did not in fact motivate slackers to become less slacky.



Colorado’s figure was three percentage points lower than that in the other 14 states with their own exchange, because fewer 18 to 25 years have signed up. While 10 percent of enrollees in the other state-based exchanges are 18 to 25 years old, only 7 percent of Colorado’s are.





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