Texas Voting Rate Increased in Its First Voter ID Test

The Economist has noticed a fact that has been available to anyone who took the time to check it for more than a month: After passing voter ID, the voting rate in Texas increased. By a lot.


[T]he results of the November elections in Texas surprised both sides. More than 1.1m Texans voted: turnout was two-thirds higher than in the previous off-year election. Whatever Democrats say, that hardly suggests widespread voter suppression. Republicans note that it is not hard to get a photo ID: Texans without driving licences can get voter-ID cards free from the state. Or they can use their concealed-handgun licence, naturally.


The Economist is just the second mainstream outlet to notice that voter ID had no negative impact on the voting rate in Texas, and may have contributed to the increase. The first was CNN…and I wrote that piece.

The November result totally destroys the Obama administration’s stated rationale for going to court to stop the law. But that isn’t likely to keep them from messing with Texas anyway.


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