Topless Reporter Conducts Mindless Interview

August 25 was “Go Topless” day. To celebrate or generate hits or whatever, a Canadian talk radio host popped her top on the mayor of Kelowna, Ottawa.


A B.C. newspaper columnist and radio host was chatting with the mayor of Kelowna when she did something unexpected. Halfway through her interview, she undid the strap on her dress and bared her chest — then continued the interview.

Lori Welbourne, who writes a column for the Province newspaper, was asking Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray about whether a woman going topless in public would be arrested, in anticipation of Sunday’s Go Topless Day. About halfway through her questions, however, Welbourne handed the microphone to the mayor and got a little more comfortable.

And out popped the girls.

Her protest gets a fail: She wasn’t even breaking the law. Toplessness isn’t illegal in Canada unless it crosses over into indecency, and Miley Cyrus proved that toplessness isn’t even necessary to cross that line. You just need to act like classless trash.

Will Smith and family agree.


If Welbourne thought she was shocking Mr. Mayor, she failed again. He took the moment in stride, without even offering her a dollar. Anthony Weiner did follow her on Twitter though.


Welbourne gets another fail, because she censored her video before posting it. If you’re gonna protest, protest.


For the topless protest’s final fail, the US is usually the target of these protests, but toplessness isn’t even illegal in many US states. It’s legal here in Texas, but it’s very rarely taken advantage of even in allegedly edgy Austin. In four years here and several visits to Barton Springs, I’ve seen less in public than Mr. Mayor saw in that super edgy protesty interview.

Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean most people think it’s a good idea.




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