Video: Bear Helps Himself to Take-Out Dinner

A really big take-out dinner.

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I’m about to have to go off-line for a while for some home installation stuff, so here are some links.


Speaking of take-out, it’s pretty easy to get one of those Obamaphones. The corruption is so easy you’d think it’s there by design or something.

Daniel Henninger writes about Obama’s creeping authoritarianism. Check out some of the comments on that one. Obama has millions of Americans convinced that jettisoning our cherished system of checks and balances is the way to go.

Terry McAuliffe’s GreenTech is under investigation for green fraud. An Obama appointee is also deeply involved.

A. Weiner says that Carlos Danger wasn’t a racist play on the “hot, Latin lover” stereotype. It was just a joke.

A family of Southern Baptists heads to New York to plant a new church. So of course the New York Daily News drips venom all over them.

Fun quote from a NYer:

“He should go back down south,” said Rose Ann Lozinski, a Catholic. “We believe in everybody getting along here.”

She goes on to justify her bigotry. Bigots usually do.




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