Trayvon Protesters Assault Houston Grandmother

Nothing says “We just want justice!” like beating up on a grandmother who was driving her granddaughter to a hospital.

Hundreds of people marched in protest to the George Zimmerman verdict on Monday.

“No justice, no peace,” they yelled as they walked from the Byrd Funeral Home in the 2500 block of Wheeler to the Southmore Street overpass bridge near Highway 288.

Just after 7p.m. Monday, the demonstrators spilled out onto the road and blocked traffic for about 15 minutes.

“I looked up and I see all the protesters, they’re everywhere,” said Georgia, who asked that her last name not be used. “So, we got into the traffic and they’re stopping us and not letting us go.”

Georgia was on her way to Texas Children’s Hospital in the Medical Center because her 7-year-old granddaughter was having an allergic reaction to some medication.

Georgia’s daughter was driving and tried to go around the demonstrators by driving on the grassy shoulder.

“One of them was hitting the windshield and I was just screaming, ‘We’ve got to get to the hospital,’ and they were screaming and chanting,” she said. “All I could think of was, I got to get my granddaughter to the hospital.”

“My mom rolled down the window,” said Georgia’s daughter. “She said, ‘We’re trying to get my granddaughter to the hospital,’ and a guy just started hitting her.”

A Local 2 camera covering the protest recorded the entire incident. On the video you could see Georgia sitting in the front seat of an SUV, she had her window down and you can see a man reach in and grab her. Georgia said she was hit.

“When we got on the road I told her, ‘Let’s call 911,” and I could feel I had been hit,” she said.


There’s video at the link, under the mild headline “Local family’s emergency trip to hospital interrupted by protesters.” The incident happened quickly because the driver made the wise decision to drive on the grass to escape the protesters. If she hadn’t done that, who knows what might have happened?

Naturally, the protest organizers told the news crew that their protest had been nothing but peaceful. The women they attacked are white, raising the possibility that this assault is a hate crime.

I wonder if it’s possible to sue protest organizers in civil court over any harm their followers cause? “No justice, no peace,” which the protesters were chanting in this case, implies that violence will ensue if the protesters’ demand aren’t met. The protesters aren’t even making clear and reasonable demands in this case. They wanted a trial, they got one, they don’t like the outcome, so now they want a do-over.

I do know one thing. This happened in Texas, where’s it’s unwise to reach into another person’s car without their express permission, and it’s even more unwise to assault grandmothers. Lots of women in this state legally carry those little 9 mm pistols in their purses.


Hat tip to Weasel Zippers.



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