Texas Abortion Debate, By the Numbers

Despite the pro-abortion side chanting “Hail Satan,” the abortion bill passed out of committee in the Texas House last night on a vote of 8-3. That’s roughly a three-fourths majority in favor of the bill on the House committee.


According to Katrina Pierson, Dallas Tea Party leader who is in the capitol monitoring the debate, the numbers of those who have registered as witnesses on the bill break out as follows:

2,181 have registered to witness in support of the bill. 1,355 have registered to witness against it. Roughly, then, 62% of witnesses are in support of the bill, and 38% are against it.

That mirrors Texas’ public opinion on the bill: 62% support it according to a poll taken by the Texas Tribune.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the tactics of the anti-bill side. They have not sought to persuade anyone at any time during the debate. They have resorted to mob tactics, then smears and threats, hijacked a hymn, and even used their toddler children as props.


They have trivialized late-term abortion into empty, yet still offensive, slogans.


By the way, most slang dictionaries agree that it’s “hos,” not “hoes.” You’re free to call yourself a whore, which is what “ho” is slang for, but you’re not free to call yourself a hoe, which is a garden tool, unless you’re admitting that you’re insane.

At no point has “standing with Wendy” meant engaging in a reasoned debate.



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