Denver's Dem Mayor: We're Losing Wisconsin

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has been assisting GOTV efforts in Wisconsin. He says thinks aren’t looking good for Team Democrat.

Hancock told the crowd that the state could be lost if Dems didn’t get out the early vote. Early voting started in Wisconsin on Oct. 22.

“We have not turned out the vote early,” Hancock told the newspaper. “The suburbs and rural parts of Wisconsin – the Republican base – are voting. President Obama’s base has yet to go vote. We’ve got to get our people to go vote.”

The Wisconsin Democratic Party had to scale back Hancock’s statements, telling the Washington Examiner that while it appreciated Hancock’s efforts, his facts were off.

“We are very grateful that Mayor Hancock came and did what we need to do, which is keep people enthused. He is absolutely right that we have to get our base out,” said Joe Zepecki, a spokesman for Obama’s campaign in Wisconsin. “But the numbers we are seeing do not back up his assessment that our base is not turning out.”


So, either the Democratic mayor doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or the Wisconsin Democratic Party is lying.

Wisconsin is a very good pick-up opportunity for the Republicans. Gov. Scott Walker and the state Republicans ran on a reform agenda in 2010, enacted it, it has worked, but the Democrats tried undoing those reforms through recalls. Those recalls failed, but in the process, the Republicans built a strong ground game that has the capability of turning the state for Romney. In all of that, it isn’t hard to find reasons for Democrats not to turn out and vote. Their state is turning red.


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