Biden Set to Hit All Three Network Morning Shows After Second Debate

BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller breaks the story, and spins it wildly.

Vice President Joe Biden will appear on all three network morning shows on Wednesday, less than 10 hours after President Barack Obama faces off against Mitt Romney in the second presidential debate.

Biden will appear on CBS This Morning, The Today Show, and Good Morning America, according to a network source.

The pre-booking stands in contrast to the last debate, when the Obama campaign was temporarily shell-shocked by the president’s performance. Aides waited more than 10 minutes to enter the “spin room” in Denver as they formulated a message. The following morning, aides, not high profile surrogates, took to TV.

Biden’s appearance is both a sign of renewed confidence from the Obama campaign that he will have a better performance in New York tomorrow night, and a response to realization that aides also bungled post-debate communications.


I’m not sure I agree that pre-arranging to trot Biden out to spin the debate is a sign of confidence. It looks to me like a sign that the Obama campaign knows it will have some spinning to do, the networks are happy to play along, and since all of its other campaign surrogates have blown their lines (Corey Booker) or can’t be trusted to stay on script (the Clintons) or lack stature to represent the president or have damaged themselves with recent comments (David Axelrod, Stephanie Cutter, Jen Psaki) the Obama campaign has to trot gaffe-prone Joe Biden out there to do it.

Chances are, the campaign will have to do clean-up after Biden’s clean-up.




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