Sen. John Kerry: 'Climate Change' as Much of a Threat as Iran's Nukes

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) delivered what his office termed a “major address” in the Senate yesterday. Kerry used that address to argue that “climate change” is every bit as much of a threat as the Iranian mullahcracy’s drive to obtain nuclear weapons and long-range missiles to deliver them.


“I believe that the situation we face, Mr. President, is as dangerous as any of the sort of real crises that we talk about – today we had a hearing in the Foreign Relations Committee on the subject of Syria, and we all know what’s happening with respect to Iran, and nuclear weapons and the possibility even of a war,”

“Well, this issue actually is of as significant a level of importance, because it affects life itself on the planet,” he said.

Kerry went on to say that you can’t even say “climate change” in public anymore, thanks to a “concerted campaign of disinformation.” “Climate change” replaced “global warming” a few years ago as the preferred term, when scientific data failed to show a warming of the planet, and when Al Gore’s “global warming” alarmist speeches were consistently interrupted with blizzards. Fabricated evidence uncovered in the Climategate emails further damaged the “global warming,” now “climate change” cause. Kerry never addressed the falsified data in his speech.

Kerry, who has never held a private sector job, married twice for money, is not a scientist and has no formal scientific experience whatsoever, went on to lob a smear at those who disagree with him.


“We have in effect, with respect to climate change in America today, what is fundamentally a flat-earth caucus, a bunch of people – some of them within the United States Congress itself – who still argue, against all the science, all the evidence, they argue that somehow we don’t know enough about climate change, or they argue that the evidence isn’t sufficient, or they argue that it just is a hoax.”

Smears are nothing new to John Kerry. He returned from service in Vietnam to build his political career accusing fellow servicemen of systematically committing war crimes and atrocities “in a fashion reminscent of Jenjis Khan.”

Meanwhile, Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons and is ramping up the threats to annihilate Israel.



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