Nancy Pelosi Brings Knife to Gunfight with Gingrich

Nancy Pelosi today told a liberal blog that “when the time is right” she will reveal damaging information about Newt Gingrich. She said she would use information against him that she learned while she was a member of the House committee that investigated and eventually fined him in 1997.


Gingrich fired back, essentially, “Make my day, Madame Botox.” That’s not an exact quote but it captures the spirit.

Gingrich noted that according to House rules, Pelosi can’t reveal anything she learned from that committee work. His response seems to have struck a nerve, because Pelosi quickly trotted our her spokesman to lie about what she really meant.

But responding to Gingrich’s comments, a spokesman for Pelosi said the former Speaker was “clearly referring to the extensive amount of information that is in the public record, including the comprehensive committee report with which the public may not be fully aware.”

No, she clearly was not referring to anything that’s in the public record. If it  was in the public record, Pelosi wouldn’t have to reveal it “when the time is right.” It would already be…in the public record. Duh. Pelosi and her spokesman think we’re stupid.

But here’s what Pelosi has done. For the duration of the election, Newt Gingrich can respond to any and all attacks on him as if they originate from Nancy Pelosi. So any hit on him from any direction can now get focused back on the person that many Republicans regard as the most toxic member of Congress. Whenever he comes under attack, Newt Gingrich may be able to get Republicans to rally around him just for the sake of undoing anything Pelosi may be up to. She also helped him frame those 1997 charges as more political than they really were.  Pelosi’s foolish threat may amount to a Get Out of Ethical Jail Free card for Newt Gingrich.


Nevermind the fact that in order to hit Gingrich, Pelosi first has to get her projectiles past her own glass ethical house.



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