Joe Lieberman, budget hypocrite

As Rep. Paul Ryan went public with his serious proposal to bring the national budget under control, Sen. Joe Lieberman offered the following statement:

“I thank Chairman Ryan for having the courage not just to talk frankly about the danger America’s national debt poses to the American people but also to propose a comprehensive program to cut the national debt. One does not have to agree with all or most of Chairman Ryan’s proposals to be able to applaud his serious commitment to reduce the debt that threatens our nation’s future. I look forward to reading and studying Paul’s proposals. I hope it will begin an open and honest national conversation about exactly what we can do together to bring our government’s books into balance.  More of us in Congress from both sides of the aisle need to step forward to embrace comprehensive solutions to address this problem. Now is not the time for half-measures or politics as usual, and Chairman Ryan has recognized this reality by offering his plan.  Let us now work together to forge and pass bi-partisan legislation that puts our country on a course to restore fiscal responsibility and places entitlement programs on a sound financial footing.”


Sounds great, right? Sober, mature, adult, reasonable. Sure. Just pay no attention to the fact that Lieberman is one of the 41 senators who have put cutting Planned Parenthood funding so off limits that they say they will filibuster any budget that cuts that funding. Having already put the left’s sacred cow ahead of fiscal sanity, Lieberman has blown his budget credibility.


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