ISIS: Hurricanes Show U.S. Must be Overrun with 'Disasters and Illness'

(ISIS video screenshot)

A new official video issued by the Islamic State calls the hurricanes that have hit the United States this season a sign to jihadists to “rest assured” that America can be wounded through divine “revenge.”


The video, “And We Made for Their Destruction an Appointed Time,” shows various clips of hurricane destruction and news footage reporting from the storms. The title references a Quran verse: “And those cities – we destroyed them when they wronged, and we made for their destruction an appointed time.”

“By Allah, the Muslims are extremely overjoyed with the series of hurricanes that is running over the United States of America,” a fluent English-speaking jihadist, his face masked, says. “O Americans, we take delight in every form of harm that afflicts you and we call upon Allah day and night to overwhelm you with disasters and illness as revenge for you.”

“Do not rejoice over the fact that these hurricanes have not destroyed everything … for it is upon Allah to send upon the wrongdoers signs that perhaps they may repent and return to guidance.”

The terrorist said that “now we expect the insane Trump to call upon his pet dogs in the Arabian Peninsula, and order the foolish murtadeen [apostates] to pay for the losses of these hurricanes.”


The video shows a Sept. 7 story from the Houston Business Journal discussing how Qatar contributed $30 million to Hurricane Harvey relief and the United Arab Emirates contributed $10 million to help Houston rebuild.

The speaker told jihadists to “rest assured” that “Allah will ensure revenge is taken” and “Allah will destroy those who transgress and tyrannize him and oppose his religion.”

Other terror groups have praised the hurricane damage, as well. Al-Qaeda-linked Jihad Salih said in a document posted for the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that the hurricanes falling around the time of the commemoration constituted a sign of “punishment.”

“On September 11, 2001, God placed upon the Americans the invasions of Newark and Washington with our hands — Hurricane Irma and Harvey are from him! Yes, they are invasions… they came at a time when people were distancing themselves from their certainty, and they were rushing behind Western hegemony,” the document distributed on an online file-sharing site said, adding that “despite the declaration of the Americans of a new crusade, a relentless crusade for revenge since that bright morning, the war is still going on and on.”


“The Mujahideen are on the increase, strength and even empowerment in the land” with “achievements they have never achieved before… and then today we see the invasion of Hurricane Irma, which came directly after their souls were defeated by Hurricane Harvey.”

President Trump, the statement continued, “made the slogan of his campaign ‘America First’; we saw him after Hurricane Harvey and Irma … appeal to other countries to help.”

“Trump fell on his knees before the greatness of this terrorism!” the jihadist document declared, asking Allah to “bless the hurricanes Irma and Harvey.”



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