Ayatollah: U.S. Military Weaker Than Iran's for Lack of 'Spiritual Motivation'

(Office of the Russian president)

Iran’s supreme leader argued Sunday that America’s armed forces will never be powerful like those of the Islamic Republic because religion isn’t a component of U.S. warfighting.


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was meeting with high-ranking commanders in Tehran to urge not only an increase in military might but a greater focus on the Islamic Revolution in military matters.

“In the Islamic Republic establishment, the main task (assigned) to the Armed Forces is to defend national security boundaries, therefore the operational capability and spiritual motivations of these forces must be upgraded on a daily basis,” Khamenei said, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency.

He argued that militaries designed to just protect the state are limited in scope and can act — as he said the U.S. does — with “militarism, irrationality, and ruthlessness.”

The ayatollah insisted that Iran is the most “effective” fighting force because of the Islamic motivations woven into military strategy.

Khamenei tweeted some of his thoughts, as well.



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