Resurrected tropical storm "Dorian the White" comes back to us now, at the turn of the tide

He’s baaaaaaaack.

Dorian, the tropical storm I initially pronounced a “survivor,” only to see it struggle, crumble, lay down and die — then threaten repeatedly to return from the dead, earning ex-Dorian the nickname “Zombiewave” as he went through various undead, re-dead and really most sincerely dead phases — has returned.


On Tuesday, having seen the National Hurricane Center declare Dorian’s short-term odds of redevelopment to be 0%, I wrote it off, and stopped checking.

Bad idea. Zombiestorm Dorian does not like it when you ignore him.

Last night, it became apparent that Dorian’s remnants — having traveled a couple thousand miles across the Atlantic since officially dissipating almost a week ago, 500 miles east of the Lesser Antilles — were making one last serious bid for a comeback, off the east coast of Florida.


I was totally unaware of the situation until Yossi Kudan tweeted at me late in the afternoon. As I then frantically checked up on the situation, it quickly became apparent that this could be the real deal:


Needless to say, I quickly busted out the Lord of the Rings references:

I even referenced wind shear as the “Dark Lord Shearon,” and was disappointed in myself that I hadn’t thought of that sooner. (This got a pretty funny response from a follower.)

Mostly, though, I stuck with the Dorian-as-Gandalf resurrection meme:


This morning, I awoke to the official news of #Dorian’s re-birth…

…and I was finally able to publish the geek-tweet I’d been waiting to post for almost a week:

Also this:

I’m being silly about this, by the way, because Dorian poses essentially no threat. It’s headed away from the coast and out to sea. The computer models all agree on that.


And in fact, it appears that Dorian The White, having sent back by the Valar until his task was done (the “task” having apparently been, um, to make some pretty nighttime lightning off the Florida coast??), will head to the Grey Havens and board a ship to the Evermost West (or East, in this instance) quite soon:

It’s been a fun ride, though. I daresay Dorian has earned the title I prematurely gave him: he really has been quite the “survivor.”



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