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“The recession has been a bonanza for the online education industry...”

I just read a href=”http://www.cnbc.com/id/32663024″an interesting article at CNBC/a entitled, “Online Schooling Picks Up Students—and Respect:”br /br /blockquoteThanks to the recession, Internet schooling is taking on growing importance—and gaining acceptance.br /br /The huge cost of a higher education—plus the need by many laid off workers to learn new skills—has sparked a sharp increase in the number of people taking online courses. And online degrees, especially from well-known institutions, are gaining acceptance among educators and employers./blockquotebr /br /And apparently, these online classes can be quite effective:br /br /UC Santa Barbara’s Conoley also says online courses are effective. She cites a study in which students at the University of Texas, Austin who took a course online posted similar test results as those who took the same course in a classroom.br /br /The internet, is there anything it can’t do?