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New Year's resolutions made easy

Why try too hard on your New Year’s resolutions when you can take the easy way out? David Harsanyi on a href=”http://www.denverpost.com/harsanyi/ci_11338836″his New Year’s resolution: /abr /br /blockquoteMeanwhile, I’ll be making only one, completely horrifying resolution this year. Not only do I plan to regularly eat cheap, salt-infested, cheese- drenched meat products, but I also plan on washing them down with various brands of needlessly sugary beverages./blockquotebr /br /That sounds good, and in my own contrarian way, I understand. However, I rarely do New Year’s resolutions. If I have a goal, I break it down into small doable segments and work on one of them every once in a while until I finish what I want to accomplish. This year, I do think my resolution will be to do something about this damn Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) that I got from computer overuse. Darn you people on the Internet, you are so interesting, I keep clicking on to see what you say. I need to stop but it has gotten to be a habit and I am paying for it with a left arm that I can barely lift over my head. So my goal? Physical therapy in 2009. Good times.br /br /What about you, do you have a resolution? If so, what is it it and how will or won’t you achieve it?