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Men Talking Back

a href=”http://www.menshealth.com/cda/article.do?site=MensHealthchannel=sex.relationshipscategory=couplesconitem=e06243215fc88110VgnVCM10000013281eac____”These comments /afrom the emMen’s Health /emarticle “8 Things She Hates About You” I mentioned in a previous post are spot on (thanks Jeff):br /br /blockquoteI hope the author’s boyfriend reads this: LEAVE THIS WOMAN RIGHT NOW! If this is the kind of girl he’s been dating, the boyfriend in the article needs to take a long, deep look in the mirror, and asks himself how to be not such a loser…..Gee, Men’s Health as name of magazine is pure irony.br /br /Shorter Lisa Jones: It *IS* all about me.br /br /GEEZ! I cannot believe this is Men’s Health! It actually reminds me of Cosmo Magazine. A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. Strategy does not equal love, it is just not worthy. Why not learn how to avoid being an outdated pain in the nuts princess from high school and start contributing to have a good relationship. *HINT* Communication. If we need to get words out with a spoon for two hours, you are the one who is wrong.br /br /br /#1: LeMystic hit the nail on the head: Men’s Health IS Cosmo for men. (As is “Best Life” and others. Then, there’s stuff like “GQ” for metrosexuals who want to be *even more* insecure.) That’s why, when I need to feel insecure about my salary or hair or abs or resting heart rate, I read it. Oh, wait -I DON’T need that – So I rarely do.br /br /Plus, if I wanted to be nagged, I’d just go home and misbehave.br /br /#2: That’s funny. I don’t wait for the third or fourth hour of silent abuse. I leave the house, go somewhere else, after an hour or two. By the time I come back, she’s had a chance to get over whatever irrational snit she’s in and she’s usually glad to see me. (At that point, if what was bothering her really matters, we discuss it like, you know, grownups.)br /br /It is funny that all the articles in Mens Health always and yes I mean always point out the short comings of a male, ie “What you are doing wrong” not what the two of you could do to improve your relationship. I used to read Mens Health for the honest “helpfull” articles you had, now you are like Cosmo for men!!!! Guess that is why I started reading “STUFF magazine” at least they don’t make you feel or believe that you are crap just because you don’t do something to please a female. HMMMMMM could the editor of Men’s Health be female?????/blockquotebr /br /The more magazines like this that get blowback from male readers, the better. Better yet, drop your subscription if you have one and tell them why.