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Would L. Ron Hubbard Endorse Domestic Violence?

I was watching tv the other day and saw a “public service announcement” that shocked me. I looked up the website at the end of the commercial at www.thewaytohappiness.org. and found the site was built around the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard in some type of pamphlet entitled, “The Way to Happiness.” The commercial is entitled, a href=”http://www.thewaytohappiness.org/video/player.html?videoId=dont_promiscuous””Don’t be Promiscuous”/a but looks more like an endorsement of extreme domestic violence against men. You would never have a commercial where men were smacking women and breaking things over their head for cheating. Why is this okay? Do Scientologists believe in men being abused?br /br /a href=”http://www.thewaytohappiness.org/video/player.html?videoId=dont_promiscuous”Take a look at this sick commercial /aand let me know what you think.