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Week 27 in progress... Fred Thompson and Bill Richardson win week 26

In week 26, Fred Thompson won the Republican side with nearly fifty percent of the vote. Bill Richardson again triumphed among Democrats.

On the question of which candidates get to be in the poll, Pajamas Media continues to receive requests from supporters of a long list of candidates to have their favorites included. Some of these candidates are quite well known, but others we have never even heard of. We want to be as open as possible, but we have to draw the line somewhere to keep our poll credible and to do so on an evenhanded basis. For that reason, some time ago Pajamas Media announced that our baseline for inclusion would be that the candidate must have one percent in the most recent Gallup Poll. That rule remains in force and the candidate list readjusted accordingly every Sunday night.

As we go forward into Labor Day and more serious campaigning, Pajamas Media will be reevaluating this standard.