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Support Conservative Nonconformists

I checked out a href=”http://fallingdominos.blogspot.com/2006/11/giuliani-in-08.html”this post on Rudy Giuliani /a at the blog of one of my readers, Will Conway, who describes himself as “a high school student from Connecticut, and I am interested in US politics. I consider myself pretty far right on the political scale, and hold some controversial opinions. I hope you enjoy this blog.” br /br /Please go a href=”http://fallingdominos.blogspot.com/index.html”take a look at his blog /aand support young people who lean right–the new generation of nonconformists. Young people love to think of themselves as rebels and nonconformists in their “liberal” outlook, but the truth is, any kid who leans right today is the real rebel and has to go against the grain to have such views. Please support those young men like Will who are willing to be different.