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No Gun, No Chance

Are schools just trying to get people killed? School security officer, Russ Kocur, at Halls High School in Knoxvillea href=”http://www.volunteertv.com/home/headlines/4542511.html” was shot and killed /aby a fugitive from the law who was sitting in a parking lot at the school. The officer went to check out the car and was shot. One has to wonder why a school security officer who patrols a school at night does not carry a weapon or wear a bullet proof vest:br /br /blockquoteHutchison says Lineberry was only in Knoxville a short time.br /br /He had a flat tire and was stranded at Halls High School.br /br /Lineberry has no known connection to Knoxville and has an extensive criminal history, including distributing marijuana in a school zone, breaking and entering and assault and battery.br /br /Police say officer Kocur, who was unarmed and not wearing a bullet proof vest, was shot by a .22 caliber revolver, probably after discovering the suspect had a gun.br /br /”The guard was struck one time in the upper back…between the liver and the heart,” says Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison./blockquotebr /br /So here is another instance where a gun might have saved this man’s life–but I bet that won’t make headlines. Why should a school be allowed to have a security guard with no weapon patrol at night alone? Shouldn’t a school be held liable for placing a person in such danger? I don’t know why anyone would take a job as a security guard without a weapon. What are they supposed to do if they see a crime taking place, a href=”http://drhelen.blogspot.com/2006/10/lets-roll.html”hide under a desk/a?