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Hey Buddy, Pass the Glitter

Thanks to reader DRJ for pointing out this a href=”http://www.boston.com/news/local/articles/2006/01/26/schoolboys_bias_suit/”article in the Boston Globe /aabout a 17-year-old boy, Doug Anglin, and his father, who have filed a federal civil rights complaint against Milton High School for bias against boys. Even the student body president agrees that there are problems for boys in the high school:br /br /blockquoteAnglin’s complaint has set off a buzz among the 1,000 students at the school. Little, the student body president, said she disagrees with students who think Anglin is chauvinistic.br /br /Of the 22 students in her honors Spanish class, only one is a boy, said Little, a senior. She also said that teachers rarely ask her for a hall pass if she is not in class, while they routinely question boys walking behind her.br /br /As for assignments, she said, one teacher expects students to type up class notes and decorate their notebooks with glitter and feathers.br / br /”You can’t expect a boy to buy pink paper and frills to decorate their notebooks,” Little said./blockquotebr /br /This reminds me of an education class I was forced to take as a requirement for my PHD degree in school/clinical psychology. The professor–a male–told us to keep a log of our activities with students or patients in my case on notebook paper and turn them in for a portion of our grade. I was out for the class when the instructions were given so got the assignment second-hand from other students. I was shocked when I received an F on the assignment–the reason? Writing outside the margins of my paper. The professor cared nothing about the content I had so carefully written out as best I could–he only cared about appearances. I can only imagine what the boys in this high school are going through with such prissy teachers.br /br /Update: a href=”http://drtony.blogspot.com/2006/01/so-who-gets-to-define-normal-anyway.html”Dr. Tony has more thoughts /aon “boys behaving badly.”