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Introducing PJ Media's New Parenting Section

Introducing PJ Parenting!

PJ Media is excited to announce the launch of a new page dedicated to parenting. This project, focusing on Real Parents, Real Life, and Real Solutions, is the result of months of planning –and we can’t wait for you to see it and share it with your friends.

We’re venturing outside of our “news of the day” focus and into the worlds of moms and dads who love their kids and want to be better parents, but aren’t sure where to go for information beyond diaper coupons and hospital bag checklists. We created this section for parents who want to raise independent, confident, self-reliant children who are prepared to flourish in this uncertain world.

We’re going to have casual conversations with parents, meeting them where they are and coming alongside them in their parenting journeys. Moms and dads who drop by our new page will find a wide variety of articles with parenting advice, inspiration, encouragement, humor, a bit of news, and a few things that are just for fun. Along the way, we’ll lead by example and hopefully, help our readers to become more confident parents who have the tools they need to build strong families and great marriages.

We have assembled a stellar team of writers for this new project. Some of them will be very familiar to PJ Media readers. Stephen Green, aka Vodkapundit (Vodkaparent?), has agreed to share his experiences as a work-at-home dad to two little boys. You’ll also see some other PJ Media favorites, including Susan L.M. Goldberg, Megan Fox, Michael T. Hamilton, Rhonda Robinson, and Leslie Loftis, along with some newer members of the PJ team, like Tricia Lott Williford and Bethany Mandel. I’ll be a regular there as well.

Beginning today, you’ll see a link to “Parenting” in the navigation bar at the top of the page. We’d be thrilled if you’d pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup of coffee, and take a look around the new page. And we’d be grateful if you’d share our articles with some parents you know and let them know we’re here. Then join us every day for fresh content — real and authentic stories from the parenting trenches —  from our amazing team of parent-contributors.

Paula Bolyard

PJ Media, Associate Editor