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Democracy Alliance in Honduras Declares OAS Chief 'Persona Non Grata'

In a noon press conference, a large Honduran civic group declared José Miguel Insulza, the secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), persona non grata in Honduras.

Armida López, the president of Alianza por Honduras en Paz y Democracia (Alliance for Honduras in Peace and Democracy), read the press release to the media.

Lopéz referred to Insulza’s interventionism in Honduras, his abusive comments in violation of the recent accord, and Chavez’s influence over Insulza. The APD press release asks the Honduran government not to allow Insulza in the country because he is not worthy of the position that he occupies. Additionally, it asks to not allow a general assembly of the OAS in Honduras since the OAS has chosen to remove Honduras from the organization — and has not invited the country to the meeting.

Additionally, the group asks the Honduran Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) to not permit OAS functionaries to serve as election observers because they do not believe that they are unbiased; the group accuses Insulza of being under the influence of Hugo Chavéz.

Alliance for Honduras in Peace and Democracy also asks the international media to be objective because distortion will stimulate violence by the Chavista groups in Honduras.

Lastly, the group confirms that there is no legal, moral, or political pretense for returning Mel Zelaya to the presidency, that it would be unconstitutional, and that Zelaya has pending charges with the legal system.

The press release today follows a complaint yesterday to OAS Secretary General Insulza from Vilma Morales, spokesperson of Micheletti’s negotiation team, in regard to Insulza’s comments to the media which violate the accord and negatively impact the country.

Finally, we are hearing from the majority of the Honduran people who do not riot in the streets and who do not try to destabilize the country. Will they be heard by the international media?