Biden’s Great Frustration

President Joe Biden holds a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Thursday, December 30, 2021, at his private residence in Wilmington, Delaware. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Jimmy Carter’s administration was dominated by the Iranian hostage crisis and, domestically, by what would be later termed, “The Great Malaise.” Americans faced long lines at the gas pumps with the energy crisis; our space station, Skylab, was about to crash into Earth; and Carter’s popularity was at 25%. President Carter huddled for 10 days at Camp David, meeting with a cross-section of America.  In his famous speech, Carter said America was facing a “crisis of confidence.” People felt that he was managing, not leading the government and that the government was largely ineffective.  


When you look at the Biden administration, the parallels are eerily similar. We are facing an energy crisis in the form of unprecedented runaway gas prices. Biden’s popularity rivals Carter’s, if not beats it. Many Americans wonder if he is making Weekend at Bernie’s a prophetic film rather than a comedy.  He’s facing major foreign policy debacles — having ignited a new cold war with Russia and executed a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that eclipsed our retreat from Vietnam.  There is a crisis on the southern border, one of his making. There are shortages in grocery stores and mothers struggle to find baby formula. All of these headaches were created and fostered by his administration. Like Carter, Biden is facing a crisis of confidence in his ability to lead America through these difficult times.  

This is where the parallels end.  While Carter tried to get to the moral root of America’s divisions, President Biden has not accepted any responsibility for what has transpired. Instead he attempted to blame former President Trump and Vladimir Putin for what America was suffering.  Congress isn’t responding to the problems Americans face. Instead, it is focused on blaming the events of January 6th on the former president. When there were protests at the homes of Supreme Court justices, rather than call for people to deescalate, the Biden administration fanned the fuse by encouraging the protests — despite the fact that it is illegal to attempt to influence federal judges’ decisions. We are bombarded daily with his gaffs and bloopers, which the press seem willing to ignore. 


Biden promised a strategy for dealing with COVID.  Apparently that was to force people to surrender their personal liberties under threats of losing their jobs.  It was a divisive approach that further split the nation. His Justice Department went after families, targeting them as domestic terrorists for not going along with CRT.   

Ironically, Joe Biden ran on a platform of unity.  Apparently, unity means bending the knee to progressives. His pandering to the far-left extremists of his party has not fostered a climate of the bipartisanship that he assured us would be the hallmark of his presidency.  While his crackerjack team concentrates on coming up with new catchphrases like UltraMAGA, the nation becomes further infuriated and divided by his ineptitude.  

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Many question who is actually running the government. They wonder who is the puppet master. It is a valid question. This administration has proven itself more competent at creating crises than resolving them. Look to the baby formula shortage, which was caused by government regulators shutting down a plant for safety violations–and then being stunned when the shelves became empty.  

For many of us, this is exactly what we expected of the Biden administration. He is living down to our rock-bottom expectations of his competency. There’s no cabal of puppeteers calling the shots. This is Biden bringing his A Game.  While we were promised a chess champion, we got a man that could lose at tic-tac-toe. 


We are not facing Carter’s Great Malaise.  Instead we must deal with Joe Biden’s Great Frustration.  He has demonstrated a remarkable lack of comprehension of the impacts of his decisions on the American people. The only empathy he has shown is for the progressives of his party.  His administration has shown a callousness about the price of gasoline, telling hard-working Americans struggling to make ends meet to go and buy electric vehicles.  

Mr. Creepy Whisperer is the byproduct of a long life of public service. He is detached from the realities of our nation.  We should have expected it from a man that ran the “No Malarkey” campaign from the basement of his mansion. The stench of failure is in the air. Even the mainstream media is starting to report about Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Our country could very well be facing another impeachment of a president if Joe is implicated in his family’s shady business dealings.  We are weary of politicians who have milked their positions for wealth for their family and friends — but that is the only school that Joe Biden excelled in.

We need true leadership.  We need a president who can guide us all, not just his own party, to a future we all can accept.  The reek of catastrophe permeates the Biden administration, a taint that, at present, shows no sign of abating.  Welcome to the era of the Great Frustration.  




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