Biden Obviously Isn't Running Anything — So Who Is?

Nhac Nguyen/Pool Photo via AP

It’s well-established that the Brandon entity is crumbling into dust before our very eyes. Ashes to ashes, etc. You’ve all seen the clips, so I don’t necessarily feel the need to belabor the point here.

Ideally, Brandon would be able to maintain the façade that he is actually the president and therefore exclusively endowed with decision-making power per his Constitutional role, but apparently, his mental faculties have degraded to such an extent that he can’t even do that anymore.

He’s been saying with increasing frequency over the years various versions of “I’m not in charge here,” “I’m just taking orders,” and “I better not say that or I’ll get in trouble.”

Yet the questions are left suspended in the air, to which he nor his handlers ever offer anything further in the way of an answer: who is in charge, then, if not the elected president, and who will he have to answer to if he goes off-script?

Brandon’s own staff often appears in corporate state media to contradict his public utterances, following the rare occasions on which he is permitted to appear in public.

He can be seen wandering aimlessly at gatherings, like in this instance when the alleged president was totally ignored by the power brokers in D.C., who instead flocked to Obama not only as if he were still the president, but as if he were the messiah.

Biden is given notecards prior to being rolled out to the public with extremely basic instructions on them as well as so-called journalists’ names, photos, and pre-written questions.

Most recently, in Hanoi, Brandon said at a press conference as rare as the Yeti that he was “just following orders” regarding calling on journalists. Later, a voice from behind the proverbial curtain declared the press conference over and Brandon dutifully complied.

Still, the “invisible hand” behind the Brandon regime, as it were, remains obscure. No individual or group of individuals has declared that they are indeed running the government through Biden, using his decrepit likeness as a flesh puppet.

If you have read “Animal Farm,” Brandon’s increasing reclusiveness and lack of access granted to the public he nominally serves is eerily reminiscent of the gradual slide into totalitarianism in the book. The pigs became more and more detached from the other animals in a physical sense and, in an ideological sense, from the original ideal of each of the animals having a full share in the decision-making process of governance.

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This is serious business. The classic example that springs to mind about the national security implications of not having an unequivocal leader of the executive branch is the nuke launch code question: who is ultimately responsible for making such an existential, on-the-spot decision regarding retaliation via tactical nukes in the event of an unexpected nuclear attack on America?

Yet there are numerous other questions with perhaps less immediate, existential implications, but nonetheless critical for the long-term economic, social, and even civilizational integrity of the country.

And what does it say about sacred Democracy™ that the nominal leader of the country is cut off by his own staff, contradicted by his own staff, shunted off the stage, given pre-written notecards with such basic instructions as “walk here,” and apparently forbidden from broaching certain topics or answering certain questions by unseen forces behind the scenes?


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