Despite Corporate State Media Claims, RFK Jr.'s 'Anti-Vaccine' Ideas Are Not 'Central' to His Campaign

“[RFK Jr.] is perhaps best known for what he has chosen to make his central statement, right? Which is his claims about vaccines,” Wall Street darling-turned-news-actress Erin Burnett declared in a softball interview with the doctor who refuses to debate RFK Jr. on vaccines, Peter Hotez.


If RFK Jr. is best known for the “anti-vaccine” smear applied to him and his supporters, it is because networks like CNN include that adjective in every lead-in to every segment they run on him, on the rare occasions they do not simply try to ignore him into obscurity. They do so with the aim of discrediting him in the minds of readers and viewers before he can ever get a fair hearing. They know that, were they to allow RFK Jr. to speak on his own behalf, without editorial control, he would appeal to far too much of their audience for their liking. They know he dominates the field in favorability because what he says — when he’s allowed to speak — resonates with the American people.

“I’ve been doing my best to ignore the farcical presidential candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. His noxious views on vaccines, the origin of AIDS, the alleged dangers of wi-fi and other forms of junk science deserve no wide hearing,” begins Joan Walsh’s RFK Jr. attack piece in The Nation, just like every other propaganda production like it. These people are contractually obligated to offer it as their standard disclaimer.

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RFK Jr. has not “chosen to make” vaccine skepticism “central” to his campaign. Much on the contrary, he has said explicitly that his views on vaccines are tertiary to his campaign, and his actions back that up. He is not running as an “anti-vaccine candidate,” nor is he preoccupied with any single policy item. The vast majority of the time that he discusses the issue in interviews, he is answering questions on the topic from the interviewer.


For evidence of what he prioritizes in his campaign, consider the depth of issues covered in his campaign announcement speech.

RFK Jr. is neither a fascist nor a communist (somehow he is simultaneously accused of being both by various political factions). He’s not a “kook” or a “crank,” as he has been often described in the corporate state media. Nor is he a Kremlin agent or a “white supremacist.”

The good news is that the more desperate the corporate state media gets in its efforts to preemptively eliminate RFK Jr. from the candidate pool before the voters ever get a real chance to hear his case, the more transparent they become.


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