The Young Turks vs. RFK Jr.: MSNBC of the Internet Goes on Offense

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

I previously noted the absence, until yesterday, of The Young Turks’ rhetorical attacks on RFK Jr. Indeed, even though he is a natural enemy of theirs, whom the network would inevitably smear as “right-wing” if and when the name “RFK Jr.” ever left their lips on screen, Cenk Uygur and Co. had remained oddly silent up to this point.


Their initial instinct is always to ignore until they can’t and simultaneously maintain the veneer of credibility any longer. Then they smear.

TYT infamously, for instance, instituted a policy of blurring out Trump’s face early in the GOP primary because, according to their logic, Trump had no chance and was a vanity candidate. Thus, not giving him press by blurring out his face was somehow a morally principled decision about “responsible platforming” or some such Social Justice™ nonsense.

The parallels, actually, between Trump’s 2015/16 run and RFK Jr.’s unfolding candidacy are numerous.

The reason this is worthy of comment — the reason TYT is relevant as a bellwether of Democrat Party politics — is that it is located uniquely at the nexus between the legacy corporate state media (representing the normie wine-mom libs who watch The View) and the online, mostly Millennial and Gen Z Social Justice™ left. This is where the universes that constitute the Democrat Party base collide. If TYT were a member of Congress, it would be AOC.

TYT went into their predictable talking point of RFK Jr. siccing rabid MAGA anti-vaxxers on innocent do-gooder scientist Dr Hotez (who, the corporate state media insists, has no ulterior motives as a vaccine evangelist whatsoever, despite having gained celebrity status and amassing a small fortune for his efforts). But first, they dove headfirst into the “gay frogs conspiracy theory” smear. Originally used on Alex Jones, it was now applied to RFK Jr.


The “gay frogs” talking point meant to discredit the political opponents of the “respect-the-Science™” left is so stupid, and TYT’s collective understanding of the real science of endocrine disruptors so transparently shallow, that I didn’t think they’d mention it, let alone lead their smear session with it.

If you are interested, I have debunked the “gay frogs conspiracy theory” smear previously at PJ Media and elsewhere.

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To add an addendum, for the record, atrazine exposure in humans via the water supply is not academic or theoretical, as some claim. The herbicide is found in tap water across the United States, particularly in areas adjacent to agricultural enterprises.

Via The Texas Tribune:

More than 10 million Texans have consumed drinking water with some level of atrazine — a toxic herbicide — with 472 water utility systems statewide testing positive in at least one detection, according to a new report from an environmental group.

Comparing the test results submitted by water utilities to state environmental regulators to those from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Washington, D.C.-based Environmental Working Group concluded that water utilities are testing for atrazine at times when farmers aren’t using it — the growing season typically spans late spring and early summer — and also appear to be lowballing their numbers. The group is calling for updates to federal drinking water standards.

The report found that nearly 30 million Americans have atrazine in their tap water — and that Texans who live near sorghum or corn-growing areas are more likely to have contaminated drinking water.

The 472 Texas utilities with atrazine contamination serve nearly 10 million people. Water utilities in Texas send their data to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the state’s environmental regulatory agency.”




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