Kamala Harris Announces She's in Charge of Haiti's National Security, Caribbean Gun Interdiction

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

At the start of the Biden regime, the Karamel-uh entity was put in charge of the U.S. border. She did nothing at all to secure any of it and, frankly, didn’t seem very interested in pretending to.


As a result of her abysmal optics — including infamously dismissing never going to the border as no big deal because she’s also “never been to Europe” followed by an on-brand cackle — she was quietly removed from that role.

Via New York Post reporting from about a year ago, “Vice President Kamala Harris is supposedly the White House point on the border surge, but the issue has vanished from her schedule… she hasn’t hosted an immigration event in nine months.”

In the intervening months, the border crisis has gotten worse and Karamel-uh has word-saladed her way through dozens more cringe speeches, none of which have benefited her historically low approval rating.

For her new gig, Team Brandon recently saw fit to appoint its handpicked token minority executive to the ad hoc role of Caribbean gun czar. Accordingly, she’s gallivanting across the Caribbean as an authority on national security and gun interdiction.

Via The Nassau Guardian:

US Vice President Kamala Harris lamented yesterday that “too many people in all of our countries are dying from gun violence” and promised a dedicated position in the US Department of Justice to prosecute cases connected to gun trafficking in the Caribbean region.

Harris was in The Bahamas to co-host a US-Caribbean Leaders Meeting at Atlantis.

She reiterated the US’ commitment to stemming the illegal flow of guns from her borders into this region.

“We are committed to interdict shipments of firearms and ammunition and hold traffickers accountable,” Harris said.

“And today, I am pleased to announce that the United States Department of Justice will create a new position, a Coordinator for Caribbean Firearms Prosecutions, which will help maximize information sharing between our countries to support the prosecution of traffickers.


If there’s one thing the Brandon entity hates, it’s illegal trafficking — except when Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram functions as a child-trafficking platform, about which neither Kamala nor anyone else in the regime has had very much to say. Maybe turning the blind eye is repayment in kind for Zuckerberg’s admitted censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Harris has also been tasked with assembling an “international force” to stabilize Haiti. Via The Miami Herald, Vice President Kamala Harris will renew the Biden administration’s push for an international force to assist Haiti in its ongoing security crisis when she meets with Caribbean leaders in the Bahamas… the multilateral force could provide ‘near-term support’ for the Haitian National Police by securing ‘a limited number of critical infrastructure sites in Port-au-Prince, such as the airport and ports,’ relieving the burden on the local police to focus resources on its battle with gangs.”



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